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Guam MLS, Guam Realtors®

Guam MLS, Guam Realtors®, Multiple Listing Service on Guam

Shop For Properties on the Supermarket Shelf

There is a variety of real estate to choose from on the island available in all price ranges. When looking for real estate on Guam, it is best to check out the Guam MLS. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and this is an indispensable tool to Guam Realtors®.

Basically, MLS is a database for properties that are available on the market. These listings are updated regularly and as such, you can view what’s out there the instant they are available.

Think of the Guam MLS in terms of a supermarket. Homes, condominiums, apartments, land parcels, and more are put up on the shelf, inventoried, and advertised. Then when a consumer comes along, they can take a look at the items available on the shelf that fit their needs. Once they pick what they want, it’s then taken off the shelf.

The difference between the MLS and a supermarket is the ease in which you can access the MLS and all the real estate listings in its database. All you need is a smartphone or computer and an Internet connection and you can have a virtual look at the property you are interested in. Click on the MLS Search in the toolbar above and start your search. You can access additional search criteria through the Advanced Search by clicking on More Search Options.

Because the MLS contains a lot of relevant information about each property, your advanced search can really be narrowed down. You can look based on the type of property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size, location, price, and even the kind of view. The MLS works for both buyers and sellers since it is the first place the agent looks. It functions for sellers because once your agent puts your listing up on the MLS, every other agent has access to your property and since the MLS works on the principle of shared commission, brokers are given more incentive to find someone to purchase your real estate. Hence, your property gets more exposure, increasing its saleability.

For buyers, you benefit from the MLS because your broker will take a proactive stance in finding the property of your specifications. Once the agent sees a property on the MLS that meets your needs, they can immediately set up a viewing for you. While waiting for the viewing date to come around, you can also look at pictures of the property online.

At Pacific Rim Realty, we want what’s best for you. As Realtors®, using a vital tool the Guam MLS, we can help you buy or sell real estate. If you are selling real estate, we put all the effort into making your property as saleable as possible. We input all the necessary details, special features, and photos of your property. If you’re looking for real estate to purchase, we can survey a multitude of properties on Guam including homes, condominiums, townhouses, vacant parcels of land, and more.

The MLS Search on our website is an enhanced version that gives you the freedom to create your own personal webpage or portal. This allows you to create and save your own searches, which will be updated automatically for you to view every time you log in. You can also mark the properties you like and they will automatically be saved in your favorites. You will have the tools to help you narrow down your search and when you are ready, you can contact us to schedule showings or requests for additional information. To experience the enhanced MLS Search today, simply click on ‘Log In’ and sign up for the portal. We look forward to hearing from you real soon.

If you have an inquiry, please use the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly. Your privacy is important to us. Your information will not be shared, sold or exchanged with anyone else.

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