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Principal Broker

Paul has extensive experience in complex transactions involving multiple ownership interests and title issues. He specializes in probate land and property sales. Previously engaged in real estate investment and development as his focal point, he brings over 20 years of real estate experience to the brokerage side of the family firm. Earlier in his career, he concentrated on single-family detached homes and multi-family residential projects, including condominiums, apartments, and townhomes, as well as numerous agricultural and small residential land subdivisions. He worked with various consultants and government agencies on planning, zoning, variance, and conditional use issues, as well as applications for horizontal property regimes. He worked with architects, engineers, and contractors during project designs and construction, and upon completion, was instrumental in property management, sales, and leasing. Along with brokerage sales and leases, Paul manages a small portfolio of income and investment properties and actively participates in land acquisitions and sales. He also works with a number of land surveyors on new subdivision and parceling maps from design to completion, throughout the submittal, approval, and recording process.

Senior Advisor

David primarily advises and consults the company on matters involving commercial and large investor transactions including the viable framework required to close. He accumulated 50 years of experience in the real estate industry as a real estate broker, investor and developer. He built a host of contacts locally and abroad, in both private and public sectors. He has been an active participant in Guam real estate from the upturns and booms to the challenging times, spanning five decades, in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s and beyond. He also established a fine record of public service. His past government and community memberships included serving as Chairman of the Board for the Guam Power Authority, Guam Telephone Authority, Guam Housing & Urban Renewal Authority and the Territorial Seashore Protection Commission. He also served as board member for the Territorial Planning Commission, Guam Housing Corporation, Guam Rental Corporation and for KOLG, 90.9FM Catholic Educational Radio and The Pacific Voice, Office of Communication, Archdiocese of Agana.

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